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Come, boy! I am not yet that old so as to be deceived so easily. You are as alive as I am. Now pray you resist not, and your life may still be saved.

A shame then as I am not to go so easily. Understand that I still have much to accomplish. [From behind, he unsheathes Masamune from it’s holder.] If I must, then I shall take up my blade against you!

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Dead! You! Why, the Devil has addled your mind. Is the whole Church and the land not still in uproar over your heresy? Ah, Ramza Beoulve. The troubles you cause, you defy God's order! I only do God's work in apprehending you.

It has dwindled by my death in Ivalice not even months ago. Zalmour, get your thoughts straight: You will do no good in trying to take me in.

"Judge armor? No problem! With the abilities of a Divine Knight such as Meliadoul, all of it may be destroyed in an instant! Your weapons too."

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Orders from Mullonde. For the murder of Cardinal Delacroix... among others. Yes, yes. So you do remember. Yet I also recall you flying when you are given the chance to refute the charges. Are you going to make this difficult still?

I am to make it difficult to you. I’ve yet to clear my name, Ivalice sees me for dead, and yet here you are hunting me down once more. Zalmour! Can you not see it is over!? What will you gain from this?

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Felled? Now, now. Lying is added to your list of sins, is that it? 'Twas only a short while since your escape from Lesalia. Or do you not remember that?

'Tis not lies I speak, only the truth. Of course I remember that! Out of nowhere you came proclaiming the brand of the Heretic upon me!

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Ramza Beoulve, heretic.

—!! Zalmour! Had you not be felled at the church? How is it you have heard news of me. Ivalice thinks me dead.

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((Ramza carries four different Samurai swords for him to use. One is for attacking/regen and haste, one is for attacking/it’s draw out for a fire attack, another is for healing HP, and the last is for draining MP.RAMZA LOOKS PROB STUPID CARRYING THEM AROUND. I might pull the date masamune thing from Sengoku BASARA and have him carrying them on his sides.))